Going to the Chapel

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15th April

At the end of February we were fortunate enough to film the wedding of Rachael and Tom Dawson.

I have always been a lover of weddings, long before I ever started filming them. I love everything about them. The outfits, the highly charged emotion before the ceremony, the speeches (I LOVE THE SPEECHES), and just the sheer joy and excitement on everyones faces as they get behind a couple, on what at that point, is often the most momentous occasion in their lives. As far as I’m concerned the more sobbing the better.

The day goes by in such a glorious blur that the wedding film is hugely important in allowing the couple to relive their time long after the confetti and has been swept up. No pressure then!!

Teenage sweethearts, Rachael and Tom are a great couple, clearly made for each other, … Read More »

The Sweetest Goodbye

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11th January

It was with sad faces, a heavy heart and more than a little concern about how we’d run a business, that we said goodbye to our gorgeous nanny last month. She was the best of the best, she’d been there since Film Fairy began and quite frankly she’s irreplaceable. The kids looked heartbroken, I looked stressed and the husband compared it to when Alex Ferguson left Manchester United.

Katie – as that is her name – was off to New Zealand to live with her boyfriend and deserves all the happiness that comes her way so we tried to move on from the devastation and focussed on making a video that would make her sob or maybe even change her mind.

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The Thomas Challenge

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30th July

Guess who’s back, back again… While the rest of us have been enjoying this sunny spell, the small boy has been holed up in his bedroom learning a whole new set of characters to impress his fans. Next stop Mastermind.

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Pop Go The Kids

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23rd June

As Film Fairy likes to say ALWAYS work with children and animals, they’re much more fun than grown ups. A mildly cloudy Sunday was spent shooting a video for the fabulous online kids clothes shop Nine gorgeous children danced, jumped and skateboarded their way through the morning, in Pop’s terrific togs. Have a look at the finished vid and see what you think!

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The Mr Men Challenge

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20th November

So this week Film Fairy got busy creating a mini ad for the business. Actually minimal effort was required on our part. The hard  work was done by cute baby Finn (as he’s been known since birth) and the intense training he has been carrying out behind the scenes to ensure that the day of the shoot went smoothly. His coach, Brodie, aged 5, who has been working with him for the last 2 years, commented “Some people believe mr men are a matter of life and death. I’m very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

A very quick bit of editing and voila the ad was complete. Finn likes to watch it himself at least, ooh, 15 times a day. I think he’s working out where he can improve.

Now what … Read More »

Variety is the spice of life

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14th November

It’s been a busy week at Film Fairy.

Several conversions of wedding VHSs to DVD. 4 assemblies editing for a local school. A meeting with a lovely client in London who handed over a bundle of tapes from 2006 onwards for a series of mini movies. Finalising the music choices for the Cheshire wedding film. A bit of filming in the park. The usual raft of technical questions to Google.

We like nowt more than a week getting down to it in the edit but it’s also nice to have a week doing lots of different stuff. Such is the nature of the work that ends up on our doorstep.

“There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time.”  Or so said Coco Chanel anyways.



Made in Chelsea

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6th November

The Chelsea Harbour Club (nice), 20 children, and a lot of running about and screaming.

That was the jist of my Saturday afternoon filming 5 year old Jayden’s Birthday Party.

Much fun was had playing duck duck goose, dodgeball and a game that seemed to involve walking backwards.

Film Fairy spent a lot of time lying on the ground behind a net trying to capture the action.

After everyone had feasted on pizza and chips, Jayden got two huge cakes – 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla. The lucky boy.

Editing was done and dusted by Monday and the DVD was boxed and wrapped in ribbon and sent off today.

We hope he likes!



Shiny Happy People

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2nd November

Here at Film Fairy we love a happy smiley customer so we couldn’t have been more delighted by the reaction to a recent 35th Wedding Anniversary movie we compiled.

The lovely Oliver family were all assembled to watch the video on the 1st November as a complete surprise gift for Nanny and Grandad Oliver. Eek no pressure.

The 15 minute movie was made up of 20 year old VHS footage, some 5 year old DV camera clips and some up to date stuff that we shot in the park last week with all the Grandchildren.

It told the story of 35 fun filled years with a couple that just never seemed to stop laughing.

At 5.10pm prompt this text came in straight after the whole family had watched it:

“Wow. Even my Dad cried. We are all like blithering idiots. Watching it again. It’s amazing. … Read More »

And here begineth…..

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21st October

And here begineth the Film Fairy Blog.

Maybe this old fashioned speak is coming hot on the heels of filming a gorgeous traditional church wedding up in Cheshire on the 20th October.

Choosing to spend the rest of their days together were the beautiful Hayley Cochrane and the divine Chris Fox.

The sun shone, the delighted couple didn’t stop smiling and I can vouch for the deliciousness of the sausage and mash.

A splendid day was had by all and we got some great footage. The evening do featured an amazing band who in the words of the X Factor judges “smashed it”.

Editing on said wedding begins this week so we get to relive it all over again.