Conversions to Digital Formats

It seems many a man (or indeed woman) has film footage lying around, filmed back in the day, that they simply want converting to a DVD format so they can view it again.

Whether it be an old VHS of your wedding, some cine film of you roller skating in a ra-ra skirt or some more recent small camcorder tapes that you have no idea how to get on to your computer (HI8, Digital 8, mini DV).

Film Fairy is happy to convert your old footage in to a digital format so you can watch it again.

We can pop it on a DVD or provide a digital file you could use on a website.

If its part of a larger editing project or simply a “put it on a disc please” job, we are here to help.

Prices will vary depending on your exact requirements but as a guide:

VHS to DVD Conversions – £20 per tape

HI8, Digital 8, Mini DV to DVD Conversions – £20 per tape

Cines vary depending on size so contact us for prices

If you have a large number of tapes we can offer discounts or if you want lovely packaging we have to charge a bit more.

Simply get in touch and see how we can help.

If you fancy us sprucing up the content while we are at it let us know and we can provide a quote for editing.