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How quickly will I receive my video?

We will aim to get your video to you within 4 weeks of filming with you or receiving your footage. If we are having a super busy spell then it might take us a little longer but if that’s the case we will let you know before we start work. Weddings will also take a bit longer and this will be detailed in your contract.

Will my footage be safe?

Film Fairy promises to keep your footage as safe as houses.

For home movies you should send us copies of your digital files and keep the originals. If you need to send us your footage on mini DV tapes or VHS you should use recorded delivery so your parcel can be tracked. Whilst in our care we promise to treat your movies with the upmost care.

Footage will only be viewed by Film Fairy staff members.

Your final film will be displayed on our website in our work area only with your permission. For personal family footage we will not ask for permission and this work will not be displayed. We feel that these videos are pretty personal to you and should stay that way.

All Film Fairy staff are CRB checked

What music will be used?

Your film will be edited to a music soundtrack of probably 3 or 4 tracks. We generally use music heard at your event or current favourites of yours or the children. It can be as cool or cheesy as your taste dictates. We are open to all suggestions and if you don’t have any, we can use what we think will work. Not all music fits with the flow of the film (I’ve yet to get a clown sequence to work with a Celine Dion track) so we will let you know if it’s not happening.

Is the music licensed?

Any music we use on your film is subject to copyright law and will need clearance. We will arrange for the music licences for your DVD and the fees for this are already included in the cost of your order. There will be a holographic sticker on your product to show it has been cleared. For corporate videos and business work it works slightly differently so we can discuss music with you at our initial meeting.

Film Fairy owns the copyright for the finished film.

What will I receive once it’s finished?

You will receive either a DVD or USB stick, which will have your final film on it. The DVD will be playable in DVD players or computers with a CD drive. This will be nicely packaged so could be provided as a gift. The original file will be provided as a .mov file which is designed to work with Quick Time. It may play differently in other media players and we can not be responsible for how it play on anything other than Quick Time. If you are using the video at a party or presentation please test it ahead of the event.

What if the DVD gets broken?

Here at Film Fairy we are very aware of the stress your DVD might be put through in the average family home. We supply your film on a high quality DVD but if yours ends up covered in jam, shoved in a washing machine or simply scratched to smithereens and stops working, give us a shout and we will provide a replacement copy.

How do I make payment?

Payment can be made by cheque or online banking. We will provide the details once the order is confirmed.

Will I get to make any changes?

If you want to review the film before we send you the final version we can upload it to a password protected web page. The price doesn’t allow for a several rounds of amends but if you want to make any small tweaks we can discuss them at this stage before we post your final product.

Home movies

How will I get my movies to you?

If you have digital files on your computer you can:

–       copy the files on to CD, USB stick or hard drive and send it to us at Film Fairy HQ. This will be returned to you with the final film. We can use Drop Box or We Transfer but we often find it really time consuming for you and us. It’s also hard to tell if we have downloaded everything. If that looks like the only option we can make it work.

Keep a copy of your footage

If you have mini DV tapes send them via recorded delivery. When we have finished your film we will return them in the same way.

If you need help with this please give us a call on 07850 452 587

Why can’t I send more footage?

Looking through your movies is a time consuming exercise so unfortunately we have to put a limit on it. With 3 hours of footage we estimate that we will have enough to create an excellent movie of 10-15 minutes – this is usually long enough for even the most devoted of family members. If you have more footage you can choose our extra movie magic package, which allows you to send us up to 6 hours. Your footage may not fall into our 3 hour or 6 hour packages but let us know what you have and we can provide you with a quote.

Will I get my movies back?

If you have send us footage that you don’t have a copy of then of course we will return it to you. If you have sent us copies on CD we will dispose of them safely and just keep a copy of the film that we have made for you.

What if my footage isn’t very good?

Surely it’s all brilliant?! People will usually have a combination of some good stuff, some not so good stuff and some reallllllly long stuff. Children are funny, they do cute things and it’s our job to seek out your golden moments to make something great and watchable. If we genuinely don’t think we can make a lovely film with what you’ve got we will tell you (in the nicest possible way), we will return your footage and no money will be charged.

Parties & Events

What will you film?

During a 2 hour party we will film pretty much everything that goes on. The guests arriving, all the games and entertainment, the food and of course the “Happy Birthday” song and candle blowing. We will be sure to get lots of shots of the very important birthday person and all key family members (providing you tell us who they are) as well as something of most of the guests.

If your party has a different format or you have anything specific you want to cover we will chat in advance of your event to make sure we know exactly what you need.

We will always talk on the phone to anyone who has booked a party at least a week ahead of the event to confirm details.

What camera will you use?

We have a range of professional broadcast quality cameras with a variety of lenses. We will use what we feel appropriate for the occasion. Our cameras are not so large they will be intrusive, but they allow us to remain discreet while capturing all the action, and produce great results.

Can the film be sent to guests after the event?

Yes we can post a DVD to all guests after the event – like a post party bag gift. This will be charged at £13.00 per DVD or £16 if you want them delivered in gift boxes.