A Day In The Life

“They grow up so fast!” – sounds familiar?

Time has a habit of flying by! Before you know it PlayStations and school discos will replace crayons and CBeebies. Film Fairy can capture those nostalgic younger years when the little ones are taking those first wonky steps on their amazing journey.

You may not reach for the video camera on an average day. But that could be when your little one smiles for the first time, mutters their first word or emerges from the bedroom in mummy’s heels and smudged lipstick.

Hire us to film an ordinary day filled with wonderful moments like these in your little person’s life.Whether it be a 1 year old who spends his days building up towers to knock them down or a 3 year old who fits in ballet, singing and a trip to the park, we will make you an entertaining 10-15 minute film of their day that the whole family will want to watch again and again.

Film Fairy will deliver your high quality 10-15 minute family movie on a DVD or USB stick. Whatever the format, we’ll make sure it’s beautifully packaged making it an ideal personalised gift.

And in the style of Blue Peter… Here’s one we made earlier…

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