Putting on a Face

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A few evenings back I was invited to hang with Ann Vick, Make Up Artist and some eager students who wanted to learn how to do their make up. Like many women in their 30s and 40s they felt they’d been putting on the same face for 20 odd years and didn’t quite know how to make a change. Enter the gorgeous Ann Vick who has now started offering make up tutorials in her own home to help those stuck in a facial rut. The evening started with a cocktail to give a pre-night out vibe and then everyone was taken through to her lovely studio where a ‘make up station’ was set up for each of her willing pupils. Ann chatted through the look she planned to assist with in the session using magazine pages and celebrity pictures to demonstrate and then the pots and the brushes came out and everyone got to work. Ann demonstrated on her own face using a step by step approach and the eager participants then followed suit with her assistance. She recommended specific colours and products for individuals and gave really useful advice on application techniques. Over the course of the evening a full face of make up was applied with the tutorial covering the base, eyes, lips and cheeks. Meanwhile I was there with my camera filming the whole lot. By the end of the night everyone was very much the wiser and in the morning everyone rushed out to buy a whole new set of kit based on Ann’s expertise. Her approach is calm, knowledgable and current and her philosophy is based on giving women more confidence to apply make up. From what I saw, it really works!

Here’s the video…

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